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In the rapidly evolving genre of alt-R&B, LA singer-songwriter Jarell Perry has paved his own lane. His acclaimed debut Simple Things and conceptual follow-up White EP, which mix flavors of Soul, Electronic and Ambient Pop have already drawn comparisons to cross-over heavyweights like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. But as URB magazine puts it, "what sets him apart from this new breed of talents is a much fuller and developed vocal quality...sublime perfection...”

Perry's most recent project is a 5-track genre-bender entitled Shift (Time No Place/Kompakt Records) , made in collaboration with Toronto producer Deebs . FACT magazine lauded it's experimental sound as "immediate" and Complex named it one of the best EPs of 2015. The immaculately haunting imagery of the EP's official videos match the lush sounds of its lead singles, "Relapse" and "Driving Blind." Both have earned praise from MTV UK, The FADER, Hypetrak, and more.

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His sound is hard to categorize— contemplative in moments, club-ready in others, his ability to shift across genres has drawn comparisons to Frank Ocean, another artist who chooses depth and intelligence over the low-hanging fruit that is simple charm.”
— Complex Media | Green Label

“Driving Blind”

Shift - EP (2015)

White - EP (2014)

Already a force in TV and film, Perry's song 'Win' (from his debut Simple Things LP) is the theme to Lionsgate's erotic thriller Addicted. Citing the influences of Stevie WonderSeal, and Coldplay, the song is cinematic in feeling while minimal in aesthetic; both brooding and seductive at the same time. It takes but a few words for the LA-based singer-songwriter to make an impact.

“Win” (2013)


If there's one thing tastemakers can agree on, it's that Jarell Perry is making waves by refusing to be defined. Standing in the gap between now and the future, concept and reality, digital and analog, he's poised to flip the mainstream idea of popular R&B music on it's head yet again.

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Stretching the boundaries of the sonic status-quo, Jarell Perry has joined forces with a bevy of progressive electronic artists.

“Afterlife” (2017)

“War & Peace” (2016)

“Tainted” (2015)

“No Time” (2016)

Yet another example of everything he touches, turning into gold…
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“Own It (Drake Cover”


Digital + Creative Consultant

For more than a decade, Jarell Perry has uniquely defined how to live and give as a creative entrepreneur, media professional, and recording artist. Now he helps others do the same.

His experience spans from media agencies to online publishers, start-ups to global corporations, creative studios to underground clubs - navigating relationships, culture, and technology to execute ideas that are worth spreading.

A few of the brands he’s worked with as a partner, strategist and content creator include:

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Writer / Speaker / Curator

Informed by his personal experience, Jarell Perry highlights the beauty and importance of self-exploration and mental heath through personal essays, panels, and podcasts.


This podcast episode was originally recorded in Los Angeles, CA @ NOH/WAVE on March 18th, 2017 with guest speakers Joshua Hagler, Jarell Perry, Maja Ruznic, and Yoshino.