Keep The Vows You Make To Yourself: A Message from Mona Lisa Godfrey

We feel tragic when we disappoint people, but how often do we make a promise to ourselves, and too soon (often the next day or next occurrence) disregard it completely. First and foremost, keep the vows you make to yourself - the rest will follow.
— Mona Lisa Godfrey

Mona is dedicated to living her yoga with heart, and to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga. She attends continuing education workshops and study groups, and is devoted to the on-going learning experience of being teacher and practitioner. Mona is the co-founder of OM River Yoga, and has taught in and managed various studios and retreat centres in the US, Australia, and Indonesia. Currently Mona lives in London, and teaches for Yoga Today, an online studio filmed and based in beautiful Wyoming, USA.