Creative Inspirations: The Many Musical Faces of Keith Kenniff

A musician of many talents furthers his creative endeavors through multiple streams. You may have run into him as Goldmund or Helios or within a duo called Mint Julep. If not, you may have heard his music creations for Apple and Facebook. If you are movie or TV watchers, he has credits from studios like Warner Brothers and Paramount.

‘A Look Back’ Facebook Campaign scored by Keith Kenniff
— Guardian

In this era, it can be very powerful to partake in multiple streams for your creative work. It will, in fact, make your work, as an artist, dynamic. We can learn from Keith that you don't have to be limited to one music endeavor. You can express yourself in how many ways you wish. Recently, he released an album of his improvisation on the piano through his alias Goldmund. It is guaranteed to send chills down your spine as well as allow you to dive deep your within consciousness. Furthermore, Ryuichi Sakamoto makes a guest appearance in one track.

Take a listen...

It may not be an enormously popular genre today, but contemporary classical still remains foundational in human culture and personal channelling. Movies, TV shows, and video essays all have moved us with classical scores. In some way, the clarity of contemporary classical allows us to dive deep within or bring into focus to a certain task. Within the creative web of Keith Kenniff, discover visuals in a new light. Discover yourself in new vibrations.