The Greatest Gift I Ever Gave Myself

The greatest gift I ever gave myself was freedom from the responsibility to judge everything and everyone in my path. Basically the idea is this:

When you come across a pile of broken glass on the ground you don't say "f___ you glass! With your sharp edges, you're dangerous! You offend me! You hurt me! You could hurt someone else! I hate you!"

Instead, you think about what might be needed to clean it up. Maybe you just step around it and move along your way. You might consider how it got there. About the person who may have dropped and broke the glass. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe they tripped over someone else’s mistake. Maybe they dropped it out of fear or threw it out of anger. Either way it’s here, it’s broken, and the problem is bigger than just you and your reaction to it.

We already judge ourselves enough. I’m working to replace judgment with understanding, and fear with love. So far it has relieved a lot of undue stress on myself and most importantly, made room for creative work where there was none before.