Loving Where You're At

I’ve learned that the greatest key to getting what I want out of life is wanting what I already have. It’s the energy of gratitude that allows me to open up and see opportunities in unexpected places.

The alternative? Well, that’s a recipe for downward spiral and unproductive procrastination - narrowing my focus to all the “likes” I’m not getting or the “looks” I’m not landing.

Clearing away that endless pining for the better thing has ironically been the best way for me to move onward and upward.

Want to make better art? Appreciate wins and lessons from stuff you’ve already made.

Want to get in better shape? Thank the legs that move you when they’re tired and the breath that doesn’t quit when it’s short.

Want a better relationship? Acknowledge any bright spots and double-down on those moments together.

It can’t hurt to try. Loving where you’re at might get you farther than you ever thought you could go.