London Photographer Igor Pjörrt Captures the Intimacy and Loneliness of Youth

via Ben Rhodes (@muchtalk), a 20 year old student and artist based in NYC.

Igor Pjörrt is a 20 year old London based photographer. His art seeks to break the ideal image of youthfulness by capturing moments from his own life. Igor’s photographs lie at the precipice of emotion, self realization, introspection, both positive and negative experiences. He prompts viewer inquiry into themes of loneliness, idealism, and social issues. 

I asked Igor a few questions inspired by his Betelgeuse series below:

what is your art?

It’s giving away part of my intimacy to others.

what is your intention with your art? 

I want to give particular moments the chance to exist separately from everything else.

what is your dream?

To become one with someone I love.

what are you most afraid of?

Being misunderstood.

where do you get your drive from?

Meeting people and spending time with them.

what is important for people to understand about you / your art? 

That we’re in a constant state of flux and that we’re not necessarily one.

what does mindfulness mean to you?

The ability to remain passive and present. A harmony you rarely hear.

what role does stillness play in your life and art? 

Like all beautiful things it’s a source of frustration and consequently creativity.

what is a mantra or affirmation you are working on this year?

I’m trying to be more driven and unapologetic. I care too much about offending a hypothetical public who’d probably recklessly condemn me either way. But I also guess that’s one of the things that drive me in the end, to know that what I’m doing can be provocative despite its mundaneness.

Ren Hang's photography is a refreshing take on nudity, nature, and censorship.

As stated in Dazed last year, Hang insists his work is not political even though it is notably despised by the Chinese government.

This really is just a bunch of limbs in front of a camera. There’s no statement to be made. No fight to be had against the institutions that govern him. Here, in Hang’s world, nudity and nature go hand-in-hand and that’s all there is to it.
— Dazed

Artist Decoded: Exploring Sex & Death with Photographer Michael Donovan

Artist Decoded is a weekly podcast series created by emerging creative director and fashion photographer Yoshino: "I started this series as a means for exploration, an exploration of self and an exploration of the perspectives of other artists. This series is an unabridged documentation of conversations between artists."

In Episode 3, Yoshino interviews Michael Donovan - a prolific multi-disciplined creative visionary born in Spokane, WA. Donovan uses photography, video and a podcast to communicate his interests in the "Two Great Bookends of Life," (sex and death).

I was immediately drawn in by the candor and eccentricity of this conversation between two visionaries I respect. Amidst (and partly due to) a flurry of commentary on tits and ass, a lot of things Donovan had to say resonated with me.

On the transition from New York to Los Angeles (26:15):

Fuck the articles...It's not about the articles [saying L.A. is the next fashion hub]. It's about the one-on-one connections. It's about the challenge. Like, who's challenging us? Is it the New York Times and the L.A. Times challenging us? Or is it a billionaire challenging us? Or is it the industries challenging us? Or is it the artist-on-artist? Where it's like, I really dig your can I help you? How can I support you and lift you up?

On what it means to be an auteur (30:54):

"To be an auteur means there's a weakness that I have and part of the weakness that I have is that I can't necessarily get along with everybody and play their games...I've got this vision and I'm stuck on it. It's like a thorn. Helmut Newton has a thorn in him...Irving Penn had a thorn...I've got this fuckin thing and I'm seeing it. I'm seeing how to have fun and have jokes and play and then do serious things and topical things and bring something new to the industries. But how do you monetize that?....Most of all it's being open and finding good people."

Listen to the full episode over at