An Artist's Guide to Creating Sacred Space

Know thyself, know thy space. In your home. In your relationships. In yourself. This process is sometimes overlooked in the hurry to create more art and do more work, but it really is an essential tool for any lifestyle. 

I look at external spaces as direct conversations with the internal. An environment that reflects my ideal vibe on the inside lets me create more freely. 

This is me seeing inspiration as the muse and the muse is a guest to be welcomed in as warmly as a lover. I light the proverbial fireplace for her. Intentionally setting the tone in my space sends a private message to the body and mind that says, “relax, this is where the magic happens."

How do you create sacred space in your studio/workspace/home? My loft often serves as all three. Here’s a list of small things that have added up for me:

  1. White Walls . I used to spend a lot of time figuring out what I wanted on my walls, where to hang it, how it would read to people visiting, and how long I wanted to see it on a daily basis. All of that unnecessary noise faded when I decided to leave my walls blank. My mantra since then has been “clear head, clear walls.” Leaves more room for imagination. And functions well for last minute photo shoots.
  2. Mood Lighting. Investing in a wi-fi connected lighting system felt like a nerd luxury at one time, but now after a year’s worth of use it's one of the most important pieces in my home and studio. With the geofencing feature my lights turn on before I open the front door, and I can set the theme from my phone with a tap of the app. When I sit down to work on a song I usually wash the room in bluish purple hues, but my theme for reading/more domestic duties is reds and creams. 
  3. The Kettle. As a singer I’ve criminally underestimated the health benefits of hot water. After my friends at the Chopra Center sent me some of their organic ginger tea, I realized I was doing it wrong and finally bought an old school water kettle. It’s a bath for the senses when you think about it: the high pitched whistle when the water hits a boiling point, the steam on my face as I’m pouring it to brew, and of course that herbal taste and smell. It’s all simple preparation for a working session that makes a difference.
  4. Smoke + Oil. Small spaces can easily be compromised by the wrong scent, but the ritual of lighting incense not only neutralizes the air but also adds a calming routine to my day. My default is original Nag Champa. For the bathroom I use eucalyptus oil (an essential by NOW Foods) to open the sinuses while I shower.
  5. Wireless Sound. Bluetooth speakers are pretty standard these days, but I underestimated the power of having one that is reliable, portable, and sounds great all the time. I use a Bose Soundlink, which lets me seamlessly pass a song from my headphones to the room as I walk in the door. It's uncomplicated and it's worth it.

Bonus: There’s a very strong book with a fluffy title out there that has really changed the way I view my space and my things. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I intend to post a follow-up focused on the rules in this bestseller. I also look forward to highlighting other artists and their unique ways of creating sacred space. If you have any ideas, please email them here