When in Doubt, Drink the Kool-Aid: Wisdom from B-Boy and Social Entrepreneur Michael Huang

If you ever find yourself worrying about or doubting your own abilities, decisions or path - just remember to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid. Most people who’ve achieved at the highest level believed in themselves to a delusional fault.
If you ever find yourself worrying about how others perceive you, that you may be doing it wrong, or worse, that you could be hurting others in that pursuit - just remember that humility takes care of all that. Others are great and you have your limitations, so treat them like gold and stay in your lane. We can all prosper together.
— Michael Huang (aka Mikeskee)

Michael Huang is a Seattle-based b-boy (breakdancer), community organizer, and entrepreneur. His experiences range from competing in and organizing international breaking competitions to marketing Fortune 100 brands. In 2011, Michael helped found a non-profit focused on mentoring at-risk youth through dance and the arts. More recently, he founded a digital marketing agency specializing in growing start-ups and small businesses.

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