Faced With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Matthew Stone's Manifesto on Positivity

Visual Artist Matthew Stone uncovers his evolving relationship with optimism in both his work and personal life via NOWNESS. Watch below:

Rather than running at a million miles an hour and feeling like I can do anything, there have been moments where I haven't been able to do some pretty basic things. That alone always manifests a sense of optimism.  That experience has changed me and the way that I think.

Healing With Wounds, 2016

Unconditional Commitment To Sacred Love II, 2012


Now that I know that it's not always possible to feel optimistic all of the time I can see that pitching optimism as the primary means of self-actualization for those facing genuine adversity can be a patronizing tool of oppression in itself.


Image: Roman McKenzie

Image: Roman McKenzie