I Went Back To Work

We watched, we gathered, we scrolled, we marched, we cried, we drank, we smoked, we prayed, we wrote, we cast blame, we asked all the whys and hows, we lay buried underneath pillows of anger, self-doubt, and fear.

To know that all the hashtags in the world could not save us from a moment like this.

Of course for someone like me, it hurts like hell. Yet the feeling is not unfamiliar.

Gratefully today the sun rose as it usually does in Los Angeles. Light poured through my narrow windows and I got up out of bed. I made the bed. I cleaned up the empty take-out boxes and took out the trash. I put on my running shoes. I texted my mother.

I went back to work. Because now more than ever, I'm reminded of how truly significant that work is.

Keep developing, creating, loving, and caring for one another.

This message from Michael (@mikesteezie) offers some sound advice (full text embedded below):

Be good, every day. This is the most important piece. Open your minds, close the divide, and recognize that we need each other. There are many people who voted for Trump who do not actually believe in the divisive traits he represents. Many people are lost and simply lashing out at those who, in their minds, hate them. As these insecurities inevitably unravel throughout his presidency, we must be ready to receive with open arms. So while we fight, we need also to love. Love, every single day.
Don't invest your time and energy in anger, shock and fear. Invest it in people and things you believe in. Invest it in yourself. Become better, regardless.
Be good, every day.