Mental Health Is Messy (and 21 More Thoughts for Mental Health Month )

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month I’d like to remind myself…

  1. Mental health is messy.

  2. What it looks like for me to maintain my mental can be completely foreign to someone else. And that’s okay.

  3. Asking for help is a scary but good thing.

  4. I can support my friends, love my family, and self-preserve at the same time. Even if it’s from a distance.

  5. I can appreciate my present without hating on my past.

  6. Vulnerability makes me stronger.

  7. Opening up = taking a risk.

  8. More risks taken = more lessons learned.

  9. Reading a book is not the same as doing the work.

  10. Doing the work (especially the hard parts) is an act of self-care.

  11. And doing it imperfectly is still cause for celebration.

  12. Life is too short to feel shame about my process.

  13. Prioritizing my wellness benefits my work in the long-run.

  14. Relationships are the fitness centers of emotional growth. Play full out.

  15. Unhealthy patterns can be broken when I recognize them.

  16. Starting small is underrated.

  17. #TeamNoSleep is overrated.

  18. Don’t take unsolicited advice personally.

  19. Therapy is for everyone.

  20. I’m the only one responsible for my mental health journey.

  21. I don’t need to forfeit my happiness to pursue my dreams.

  22. When I love myself - there’s nothing to hide, nothing to protect, and nothing to defend.